About Us

k9HQ about us


When you're as dog obsessed as we are, you really want special things for them, so they truly shine.

When you care about them looking adorable, along with being comfortable and safe, you just know all the mass produced same old products (just with different brands thrown on them) are not what you want.

We have searched both Australia and internationally to find brands we love with products we're proud to bring to you and your puppas. Our criteria was high, and sometimes we just had to create products ourselves to meet our standards, but we know you'll be thrilled, and your fur babies will too.

K9HQ brings bespoke designs, high quality fashion fabrics, innovative ideas, and passion for all things dog, together in the one stylish package.

Our ranges ensure unique styles and special products that really allow your fur babies to stand out from the pack. They're created with sustainability and longevity in mind, working hand in hand with manufacturers both in Australia and internationally, to make premium products that you'll love. 

When you care that the quality means buckles won't break because they're stress tested to 145kg+, double stitching on fabrics gives extra strength and durability, fabric weaves are denser for longevity and softness, innovative features like leash handles that lock around tables at cafes for convenience, you'll love our ranges. And your puppas will thank you for their comfort and functionality of movement, without compromising quality and style. Toys that are both quality and safety tested for peace of mind, Shampoo and Conditioners made with pure essential oils that benefit skin and coats, and have all highest quality ingredients and no parabens, or artificial fragrances. 

We're committed to continue increasing our range and moving in a sustainable direction and utilising RPET (plastics reclaimed from the oceans and repurposed) for our products, as the quality and range availability grows.  Also our product labelling and packaging is heading in the recycled and repurposed direction too. You will see these recycled logos on our products indicating their origins, and we also follow guidelines of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which is the theory of 'Use a tree, plant a tree" to protect forests of the world.

We truly love all dogs, ours, yours, and the ones still waiting to be loved, and by buying our range of dog products, you can share the love too, as we donate part of our profits to various puppas in need at shelters, both local and far away, and other projects helping kids in need have access to assistance dogs to love too. So now you too can feel good about sharing the love.

As a small Aussie business with a serious love for the well being of all dogs, we look forward to sharing some of these beautiful products with your puppas, to maximise their gorgeousness!