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Mesh Dog Hug Harness Pink

Mesh Dog Hug Harness Pink

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Hampton Hounds Mesh Hug harnesses combine stylish fashion with comfort, strength and safety. Our mesh is super comfortable, soft cushion padded, breathable air mesh providing ultimate comfort. Designed in Australia, utilising recycled plastic bottles helping create a sustainable, eco friendly future. We've also used FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) recycled packaging - so your pup can really be an Eco Warrior! 

These luxury Mesh Hug Harnesses are very special and particularly suitable for short nosed breeds (Brachycephalic) like pugs, frenchies, boxers, pekingese, bostons, and shih tzu to name a few. They don't impede their breathing in any way and will make walking much more comfortable and enjoyable for the smooshed faced ones. The Hug Harnesses are also a comforting hug for the nervous nellies too, giving them a secure feeling on walks, and helping their confidence. 

All dogs will benefit from the Hug Harness design which doesn't put any pressure on their neck, holds them securely, and helps discourage pulling. Equally importantly, it does not impede shoulder movement allowing full reach (unlike so many other poorly designed harnesses!).

They have breathable padded comfort and are also uniquely lockable for safety.  They suit those puppas who don't like things being pushed over their head.  It's a simple step in for those sensitive ones.  The girth section comes together with an adjustable martingale style feature with double D rings and a lockable buckle.

No need to worry about your pup pulling apart buckles or rings, ours are high tensile strength webbing with double stitching, special rivets and D rings to provide extra security, and give you extra peace of mind. 

  • Super soft padded mesh for comfort
  • Breathable and comfy
  • Simply 'step in' for ease of fitting
  • Lockable buckle for safety
  • Eco Friendly fabric and packaging
  • Perfect for the 'puffers' and 'nervous ones'
  • Helps reduce pulling and potential neck damage
  • Easiest Harness ever - Click & Go!
  • Allows free shoulder movement
  • No confusing leg straps

Care instructions - Simply hand wash when loved too much, and air dry.

Harness  sizes:
Size 2 : Girth 29-36cm, Weight : 3-4kg

Size 3 : Girth 37-43cm, Weight : 5-6kg

Size 4 : Girth 44-50cm, Weight : 6-8kg

Size 5 : Girth 48-54cm, Weight : 7-10kg

Size 6 : Girth 55-60cm, Weight : 10-18kg

Size 7 : Girth 61-66cm, Weight : 18-23kg

Size 8 : Girth 67-73cm, Weight : 20-26kg

Size 9 : Girth 73-79cm, Weight : 20-35kg

Please measure your pup carefully with a soft tape measure, as weights are approximate and each pup is different in dimensions and proportions.

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