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Gold Herringbone Premium Vest Dog Harness

Gold Herringbone Premium Vest Dog Harness

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Sydney & Co Herringbone Premium Vest Dog Harnesses are specifically designed to suit smaller breeds and puppies. They are like a warm hug for your puppa, wrapping them in premium, double stitched fabric, and extra padded, breathable mesh for comfort. They are perfect for the Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs, Bostons, French Bulldogs, Griffons, Cavaliers that can struggle breathing in collars because of their short nose and flatter faces sometimes causing breathing problems.

The Vest Harness has a stainless D ring, and is a simple wrap around design that has a wide adjustment variation of velcro at both neck and waist to ensure perfect fit. Simply slide over head and adjust waist wrap and you're off.

Gorgeous combined with matching Leash, Collar & Bowtie for a complete outfit (and collar will provide extra control for strong pullers) ready to hit the puppacino trail at your favourite cafes. 

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